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          ABOUT US

AFAN is  a non-profit social organization based in Athens, Ohio for women. Founded in 1969,  it assists women from Athens and the surrounding communities to make friends and become better acquainted with the area.  With over 300 members, belonging to AFAN is open to  anyone, no matter how long they have been in the area.  Dues are $15.00 per year.



AFAN opens the year with an evening reception in September.
Monthly luncheons or dinners are held on the second Thursday of each month      through May.  In addition, there are Special Event trips to interesting places in Ohio     on the  fourth Thursday of each month.


The heart of AFAN is our Interest Groups where small groups of members meet to     share a common interest.  Some of our current interest groups include: Antiques & Collectibles, Geneology, Knitting,  Book Review, Bridge, Euchre, Hooked on Crochet, Gourmet, Hiking, Needlework, Tongue and Thimble, Pho-tos(Scrapbooking), Quilting,  Lunch Bunch, and Women Who WhINE

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During the year new and prospective members are invited to attend our Newcomers' Coffees.  This gives us an opportunity to get to  know our new members and introduce them to other members.

Athens Friends and Newcomers

Welcome to AFAN!
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AFAN Board Members 
Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2017! 

As enjoyable as the holidays were, I was ready to get back to a routine in January. I packed up the Christmas decorations, got rid of the leftovers, cleaned house and… completely ran out of steam. The winter doldrums set in (even without the usual winter weather), and if my card group isn’t scheduled, I seem to do little except read, read, read.

Not that that’s a bad thing, of course. When I was working and bogged down with piles of essays to grade, I would dream of the days when I could spend hour after guilt-free hour just reading one book after another. Unfortunately, it never feels truly guilt-free. There is still laundry waiting, and mail to answer, and vacuuming to do. I really should clean out the car or sort out the pantry shelves or organize my very cluttered office. 

However, I’ve decided that the dust can wait while I read a few more chapters. When I work, I work hard and meet my deadlines. When I goof off, I’m an expert at that, too. I guess what I’m saying is that our lives tend to balance out if we let them. There are times when we have to push ourselves to meet certain goals and expectations. That doesn’t mean we should be driven every minute of every day. Spend your time doing what’s important in your life. Remember that enjoying your downtime is one of those important things.

                                                        Janice Krebs